5 Tips on How You Can Get Your House Summer Ready

After a long cold winter, most of us can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive. However, a little forward planning is required to get the house and backyard summer ready.

Summer is the perfect time for entertaining and an outdoor party has such a relaxed laid back vibe, but like every good party, the key is in the preparation. Follow these tips to ensure your home is summer ready and your next seasonal shindig is the party everyone is talking about:

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  1. Let There Be (Outdoor) Light!

With the range of quality outdoor furniture and accessories now available, its easier than ever to create outdoor “rooms” in your backyard, and you should consider lightning options in the same way you would when decorating indoors.

Permanent options include flood lights and path lights that offer security and safety features. Lanterns, hanging pendants and strings of lights are best described as accent or decorative lighting. If you have a swimming pool, you’ll also need to consider lighting options to illuminate the water, which creates an fun atmospheric water feature.


  1. Let’s Play!

You’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors during the summer. If you have kids, you know you will need things to keep them entertained. Why not invest in a new crop of oversized pool and yard toys. Pool noodles and floats can degrade in storage over the winter, so recycle or repurpose them and invest in a new collection. Consider purchasing oversized lawn games such as giant Jenga or Chess to really up the fun factor for the young and young at heart!

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  1. Let’s Eat!

All of us seem to crave certain foods in the winter when we want to comfort eat, but when summer rolls around-out go the bakes and pies and in come the salads and the grilled fish. Barbecue food is especially reminiscent of summer parties. When planning your summer catering, think salads, fresh fruits, food on sticks and grilled barbecue items. You can also get crafty and do a variety of fresh fruit popsicles.

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  1. Gardening and Landscaping

Your lawn, flowerbeds, and perennials will need plenty of spring TLC, in order to look their best, come the summer months. A little forward planning and some elbow grease can yield beautiful results, particularly pay attention to seeding the lawn, to produce lush green grass, the scent of which, brings to mind summer memories. If you want to add a vibrant fragrance to your garden, consider planting a few small lemon trees. They don’t take up too much space, and will be a continual source of fresh, organic lemons for your family to enjoy. I mean, who doesn’t love a tall glass of ice lemonade during those hot summer months?!

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  1. Let’s Shop!

Invest in some new patio and deck furniture, outdoor rugs and cutlery and plates for al fresco dining. Choose bright and light colors to usher in a new season of outdoor living. This year, vibrant orange and blue colors are trending with major interior designers.

Tell us about your experience of incorporate any of these tips into your home this Summer! What do you do each Summer to spice up your backyard?