How To Add A Bright Spark To Your Home

There is no need to fall into the trap of having everything in your house the same year after year. This can be a very discouraging environment in which to live and it is totally unnecessary. Bold new home and décor can be achieved at any time. Simply, take a step back and  envision  how you want your home to look.Work towards that vision by getting the right accessories for your home, and it will become bright and cheerful in to time.


Silver Candlesticks Are Distinctive

Silver candlesticks add a touch of elegance to a home. They can be purchased and arranged in groups with different heights. They are particularly fitting for a formal dining room or side buffet.


Maps Are Interesting Wall Accents

Maps come in various colors and designs. Maps are very appealing and eye-catching in a home and are collectibles. Some people have maps of different eras, as exploration has proceeded through time and the map has changed.


Use Globes to Make a Room Intellectually Appealing

A globe makes a very interesting conversation piece for a room. People like to spin them and search for different regions of the world. Naturally,  globes are also important for the kids to keep up with their geography studies.


Don’t Shy Away From Flowers

Fresh flowers are always quite lovely in a home. White roses are among the most refined of floral selections, as they blend harmoniously almost anywhere. If you want to add a dash of color, go for lily’s. They’re fragrant nature will freshen up any room and their lovely splashes of color will add a fun decor as well.


Instruments Are Artistic Accents

Any musical instrument can look quite upscale as displayed in a room.  If you are musically inclined, then display your instrument. Guitars come in many styles and can hang on the wall or even stand in a corner. It is unusual to find an instrument in a home, thus lends an artistic feeling to the room.


Pressed Leaf Prints

Any print when properly framed can be charming. Pressed leaf prints and other choices from nature are very refreshing choices. They remind people of nature, which has a soothing effect on the spirit. If you’re feeling a different type of pattern, do not worry, as they can be changed regularly at an inexpensive rate.


Quilt or Tapestry Collections Can Be Displayed on Ladders

Is there a family member who has made some special handiwork? Anything such as a hand made quilt or family heirloom should be displayed. This gives a room real originality, and a warm feeling of home.


Lanterns and Candles Establish a Warm Home Setting

Lighting is what sets the mood in any room. Therefore, it is imperative to get the most flattering and comfortable lighting possible. Lanterns and  candles are so relaxing and provide enough light as well.


Unusual Bookends Are Excellent Collectibles

Some people collect bookends. They come in all manner of shapes and colors and can be funny, serious or gorgeous, depending on your desire. Thrift stores are marvelous places to discover bookends of unusual types.


Large Art Books Keep People Engaged

Many people wish they knew more about art. If you provide large, engaging art books on your end tables, guests will amuse themselves by thumbing through them. It is a good idea to have several on low tables in living or family room areas.


These are some great ways to add a bright spark to your home. You can use home accents to create the effect you desire. Collect silver candlesticks or maps for the wall. A globe in the home is another accessory with a strong effect. These accents are the details that make the difference in your home becoming bright and cheerful again.