How to Feng Shui Your Home Office to Attract More Wealth

Working from home can be a very rewarding choice, however at times it isn’t as simple as you imagined it to be. In order to revamp your space, increase efficiency, and productivity there are a few key changes you can undergo. Moving towards a more positive and welcoming environment for your home office is a facile process, all you need is a few changes and your room will be transformed. The best Feng Shui arrangement for your home office ensures continuous flow of that energy. Honing in on a positive and energetic environment is key. Here are the best six tips to help you Feng Shui your home office.

Luxury Feng Shui Wealth

  1. Reduce any congestion in your work area at home

Your home office should bring clarity, not bring forth congesting energy. Take a moment to step back and observe your surroundings. Now, ask yourself, “Do I really need all this?” Declutter everything. The easiest way to start off is by taking throwing away everything you do not need. Think the 3 R’s: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Reduce all the excess. If you can possibly reuse something, repurpose it right away or store it in a container, and don’t forget, recycle all of the papers you no longer need. By decluttering your home office, it allows for an easy flow of positive energy throughout the room. Leave only what you will actually use, don’t get hung up on “I might use this one day.” If you have had said object in your office for a few months now, probably years, and have not used it by now, chances are, you probably won’t use it in the near future. Toss it. Remove all unnecessary furniture and obstructive objects. The best homes offices do not have any distracting equipment, and are equipped with the exactly what you need, nothing less nothing more.


  1. Choose the best furniture for energy facilitation

Your chair and desk should be shaped in such a way that the position you resume while working does not block energy flow into your home office. The table or desk used should have corners and made of wood material. Your desk should be free of any stuffy material as this will block energy flow into your room. Do not use desks that have been used by other people. By doing this you will surely attract more wealth and luxury life.


  1. Choose the right Feng Shui color.

Achieving more productivity in your home office is determined by the color chosen. Most preferred Feng Shui colors to attract more wealth into your home are the colors that you think can work well with you. You can choose to paint your home office with easy colors that make you feel comfortable and free. Your ceiling should be painted with a color that does not stress you while working. Avoid black on your ceiling because it cannot work well and it can leave you more discouraged.


  1. Select the best Feng Shui location for you home office.

The area you choose to start working from should be away from interruptions and noisy sections in your home. Remember it is an office that you need to help boost productivity in your deals so you must choose an area that is quiet and suitable for Feng Shui. As Entrepreneur says, your home office must be located at the right place otherwise the energy cannot flow in. Thus, it is not wise to set up your home office in either the basement, nor the bedroom.


  1. Arrange your room as per the home office Feng Shui principles.

Your working area within your home office should be arranged in a manner that you can see the main entrance well without any problem. Do not give your back to the door. As many feng shui articles suggests, your working area must not block the main door to your office as this will block the energy flow. Your home office should be arranged a in such a way that there is free energy flow.


  1. Arrange your home office to suit the Feng Shui quadrant way of arrangement.

It is important to have your office arranged in a Feng Shui way that will enhance your productivity and wealth. The following are some of the strategic points to Feng Shui your home office.

  • Home office center front-This area is the career point in your home office. Paint it with the best colors like black so that you can advance in your career. You can as well have a water fountain at this point.
  • Uppermost left corner of your home office-Also known as the wealth area, the upper left corner of your home office is the area you need to hang a plant or your best flower so that you can attract that wealth energy to keep you going.
  • Home office back center-According to Feng Shui principles, this area helps drive your financial achievements and growth. This area should be well lit with a bright light to help bring financial success.

What are your thoughts? Did these tips help you curate a better home office?